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FOX Business
Nov 10, 2013 1:00am EST
promises, but over obama care forcing people to buy coverage they don't need, like maternity care. well, man up, says a topop demoat in the senate. >> somebody sai well, gee, now i've got -- i have to take this policy that covers mernity care. but my wife and i aren't having any more children. and i got to thinking about that. i thought, well, you know what? maybe because my wife and i don't have any more children, and they're grown up, maybe shouldn't have to pay property taxes to pay for my local schools. we're better than that in this country. we're talking about being a part of our society. sameay with health car it is a lue system. >> so what do you think? is he right? buying medical care you don't need is part of america's value system? hi, everyone. i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." and here they are, the bulls and bears this week. ry b. smith, tracy byrnes, jonas max ferris, john layfield, and david mercer. john, paying for maternity care or other coverage you don't need is all part of america's value system? >> not part of the america i understand. it's part of a s
FOX Business
Nov 17, 2013 1:00am EST
into the depression. >> jim, you don't necessarily agree, getting to single payer is not necessarily a bad thing according to you. >> no, brenda, it's not but as to the folks who are living or think they're living in an episode of "the x files" that was not the plan all along. i mean, there couldn't be more space in between obama care and the single payer health care system. look, we have single payer health care already in this country, it's called medicare. and guess what? medicare has a higher approval rating than all private health insurance. >> well tracy, what about obama care, the approval ratings are just going down like that. what do you think, are we headed to a single payer system? >> god, i hope not, brenda. look, i don't think it's conspiratorial. i think they were just kind of dumb. they didn't read it. they had no idea what they passed. it was incompetence left to right, down to the web side. single payer system would be so bad for this country. i get the notion that we have to sort of get some preventative care out there and things like that but the way that they're talking about
Nov 16, 2013 2:00pm PST
newsroom with don lemon. >>> welcome back to our live coverage. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. you're not going to believe this story. we're going to begin with a story that every veteran, even veteran police officers are calling shocking. a couple in union county, north carolina in jail this hour after a deputy found a child head cuffed to a porch with a dead chicken hanging around his neck. you have some additional information about this and about the mother, but i can't believe this story. >> there are many shockers in this story, but one of those shockers, don, is that this mother works for social services. so above everything, she works for social services, and even though she was not there at the time that the deputies arrived, she is accused of being complicit in the mistreatment of those children. take a look at your screen. here are their mug shots. doren lee harper and wanda sue larson, both 57 years of age, now facing intentional child abuse, inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animal charges. wanda sue larson is also charged with willful fa
Nov 2, 2013 1:30am PDT
buyers to rehab loans to other sources such as single family loans. at this time we don't have any programs to address this particular situation. we clearly could explore that in the future, but that at this time we don't have anything in place that would address this. >> i think it would be good, i understand that's the case. i think it would be good to be able to use this experience in a way that might inform future programs and services relative to people on disabilities and on fixed incomes and on the housing fund. i don't think there has been that in this program, i think it would help a lot of people in san francisco. >> supervisor kim? >> thank you. are we jumping the gun. my questions are for the city. >> if there are any other questions, we have one more individual for public comment and then we will go to the city's presentation. sir, if you would like to make your presentation now. >> tom gilberte. bravo. for 400 units plus in south beach marina, the only way i got in was take the bathroom door off. no other unit in a different style can get my wheelchair in. we may get
FOX News
Nov 16, 2013 7:00am PST
missed it he cursed in a reporter's face. >> if you don't have everything that's when you get to be mean to everybody. >>> tomorrow, strange but true health tips like skip that anti-bacterial soap. >> i knew that, that's true. >>> adding is all up, enrollment numbers disappointing, the number of cancellations growing. premiums rising. the health care site still embarrassing, and as the apologies keep on coming some influential democrats now calling for a single payer system, which is leading some to ask was the health care law designed to fail all along to force the need for government-run care for all? hi, everyone. i'm brenda but tner. gary smith, tracy burns, john layfield along with jamou green. lots of folks complaining this health care thing isn't going as planned. gary you say it's going exactly as planned. what do you mean? >> i do. i think they want to get to the point where government controls everything, aka the single payer system where government is in charge of all of health care. you saw that little clip that john podesta pointed out like medicare is for a single payer sys
FOX News
Nov 23, 2013 2:00pm PST
this man? >> thank you. >> actually that's me. don't give money to beggars like me. i'm told governments must spend more. >> medicare, medicaid, snap and social security will reduce poverty. >> but does government really help the poor? >> everybody in cleveland low minority got obama phones! >> by any measurement, this isn't working! >> i'm glad more people have figured that out. even the singer, bono. >> commerce, entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty. >> even some in the mainstream media. >> if you wait until the government comes in, you'll be in for a long wait. >> wow. if they get it, maybe soon more people will realize there are better ways to give. >> beautiful. >> real charity. that's our show tonight. >> and now, john stossel. >> what is real charity? some people are in trouble, say after a disaster, or simply when people are poor, americans' instinct is to think, how can government help? after all, who will help those people if not government? we libertarians argue private charity would step in, individuals freely choosing to help. but what enough of us hel
Nov 6, 2013 9:00am EST
don't do it. i do it >> no, you do not >> i buy her clothes >> no, you don't. i work >> she carries my name. both of my names. because i need to know if it's mine. i need to know if i'm going to be a father to something that is mine. period. i don't want to talk about it no more. it doesn't matter >> it does matter. it does matter. >> i need that information to continue this. >> kirk: listen if you need that dna test let's go out and do it and let's find out. you are here for this let's do it. all right? this is why we are here today. [applause] i haveo problem. >> he is a low down dad. [applause] >> a lie is a lie don't continue the lie >> it is ok for you, too. you called me to pick you up, right? >> kirk: here is a question did you sleep with a co-worker? >> i did but before we got together. >> how did the story change? >> the story did not change. no, it did not. >> i asked you from the beginning from 21 jump street look this is who i am and this is what i've don and this is what i do. i told you and i asked you. when? how? >> kirk: are you cheating? >> i cheated. i came truthful w
Nov 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
income. i don't think that area is on the map for that. and you can contact to see those nine counties in the areas that were determined the people of color and low income should be built over. because of the green grass growing out of these urban countries, san francisco people bike and don't drive as much. so people want to move here because it's pleasant and they won't get green gas. i don't think it's a good idea to take her apartment and make a condominium. thank you. >> next speaker? >> i always feel we got a conversion fee. could you keep it low on please. i always feel like we have a conversion fee. could you keep it low please. when i come home at night, i vote the condominium door real tight. people call me on the phone. i'm trying to avoid. can the people on tv see me and am i condominium paranoid. people think i'm crazy. maybe we need a low fee and thank you so much. i always feel like we have some kind of conversion fee. could you keep it low please. we feel like we have a conversion fee. keep it low please. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public
Nov 16, 2013 9:00pm EST
in washington can learn a lot. i don't know if you have noticed this, but obamacare has had a couple of hiccups. we were told we had to pass this bill in order to find out what was in it. well, here we are. -- maybe tomall can jog my memory here. one of the guys who is fighting hard for this law was ruth bailey -- braley -- bruce braley. this law is doing real harm to real people. it is taking people and disrupting their lives. millions of people are getting cancellation notices. families are seeing premiums go up. thisrowd that brought us website where they had three years to prepare, $500 million crowd thats the same is poised to take over 16% of our economy -- the health care sector. did nott obama said he know any of this stuff was going to happen. thatid that he had no idea these problems were coming. we had kathleen sebelius come and say that everything was ready to go. -- if youe issue outlaw the kind of insurance people actually have, they won't be able to keep those plans. they passed a law three years ago to outlaw the kinds of insurance that people have in their surprise that people
FOX News
Nov 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
a. >> imagine >> fighting fires we don't do on our own. image if everyone had their own fire service. >> image then. >> private fire companies work all over america and do a better job. >> it comes with being efficient at what you do and how you spend your money. >> traffic lights are synchronized so there aren't traffic jams. >> there's your lap dop top. >> libraries are better run, too. they are mouch more computerize. they have clean water for less because the workers now work. >> were you goofing off before sitting around drinking coffee? >> occasionally. >> but the left hate privatization. >> they don't want to pay for the things the roads, the dams and the rivers. >> yes, we do. we just want the money spent well. >> privatize the police department, privatize everything. >> privatize everything. that is our show tonight. >> oo now john stossel. >> privatize erg. may -- everything. maybe i got carried away. there are some things government. ought to do. most are listed in the year of the constitution. this is the spin. this makes it clear there's not much the government s
FOX Business
Nov 3, 2013 9:00am EST
, you know what, we don't want to deal with health reform. we don't want to get paid by health reform. >> mike, while these private doctors are doing great work on the internet, think of this. what the health care exchanges are doing. they have to register 39,000 people a day in order to reach their deadline, their march 1st deadline of 7 million. 39,000 a day. if they can't handal couple hundred a day at most, how can they handle 39,000 a day? >> david, my beef with this whole obama care versus the private sector has nothing to do with the computer glitches. it has to do with the fact that when you look at procedures that are handled by the private sector because they're not covered by insurance like lasik eye surgery, dental implants, the quality of the procedures have improved dramatically over the last two decades and the costs have fallen dramatically because they're not incumbered by the regular laces in free insurance. >> the mess in the system p obama care is they may sour the public on anything on the internet, even things working in the private sector. >> david, i think that
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
of financial news. adam: we don't stop there. "money" with melissa francis is next. >> we will keep this promise. to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. , period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> period! [laughter] i do in the think you're supposed to read the punctuation in the speeches. melissa: is seems president obama can't get out from that infamous comment? why not two to hollywood. it could bring obamacare plot lines to your favorite shows. well-tell you how. even when they say it is not it is always about money. >> world of d.c. lid yaw cole cuts through the bs. >> are you my contact? >> we have a bit of a scandal. takes seemingly impossible scandals and makes them go poo. >> this is my son out of college. he doesn't have think health insurance. >> i thought you said this was a scandal. under affordability care act you stay under your parents plan until 26. >> thanks, fixer. melissa: lights, camera, obamacare. health care law might be the next breakout star on prime t
FOX News
Nov 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
don't have health shshs. we love you. that is it. health insurance. >> it is important. >> i will do. it i just thought, never mind. >> oh, yeah. and included on barakobama.comis a help guide. if your loved ones are coming home. make sure to remind them to pack the social security card and pay stub and w2 tax form and when and where to have your health care talk. and remember. here is conversation tips, for example, start by asking, have you thought about signing up for health insurance on the new marketplace. and finally, a pledge asking you to sign up and to have the conversation with your loved one, this holiday season, because nothing said i love you like hounding people about having health insurance at the thanksgiving table, right? you can't make this stuff up. we sent our correspondent ryan to find out how people felt about talking about obama care in the thanksgiving table. >> the president suggested that americans talk about health insurance and obama care in thanksgiving. are you doing this? >> i hope not. i will place my son-in-law in front of the television set so we don'
Nov 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
can't be the leader of it? >> i don't think it -- i don't think an independent candidate can possibly win a three-way race. if you think about it. you run a three-way race and translate to a morality of the electorial college vote. get to the house where each state gets one vote and republicans have 30 odd delegations. it's a virtual yule impossibility for the presidency. what i wish that americans elect would do is say instead of trying to get candidates to run or path and run for a job that is impossible for them to win is encourage independent candidates. people who are ceo or university presidents, community leaders to run as independents for the house and for the senate. >> yeah. >> there is nothing wrong with the senate that three or four legitimately independent senators could fix. it could go a long way. there's a structure barrier on the presidential side. there simply can't be -- >> you agree. >> that was sort of -- trying to finish my thought. that's what i'm shocked at. what where the 2014 candidates? it would be so easy -- i look at my home state of florida and w
FOX News
Nov 21, 2013 3:00am PST
proposition, mr. president, but we spent three years coming up with this other plan. we don't think this is going to work. here's the louisiana state insurance commissioner jim donelon. >> he acknowledged each state has to do what it tkpaoepls appropriate and what -- deems appropriate and what its law requires relative to implementation. we had a great dialogue, no doubt about that. but we also came away agreeing that there was a lot of difference of opinion as to whether or not we can or should do what he urged us to do last week. >> they had the meeting. they loved being in the white house, probably got a tour. in the end they have to watch out for their own backsides and their own private companies. they warned the president, what he's proposing now would amount to different rules and different policies, might result in higher premiums, not good for you and you, without underlying concerns for gaps in coverage. florida likes it. it allows people to renew their coverage. in indiana they say they will adopt the president's proposal. new york said tpho*efplt california is to announc
Nov 20, 2013 2:05am PST
's become a friend of mine, glenn beck. very controversial guy. has a lot to say, even if you don't agree with him. he's ever fascinating. i went down to texas last week. fantastic new book out that we'll talk a little bit more. >> how about this, kmart has some of the best commercials. we've been huge fans. do you guys remember earlier we talked about a couple of commercials? one was called ship my pants. and the other was big gas savings. ship my pants. >> but you got to say them fast. >> and big gas savings. >> ship my pants? right here? ship my pants? you're kidding. >> you can ship your pants right here. >> you hear that, i can ship my pants for free. >> wow, i just may ship my pants. >> i just shipped my pants and it's very convenient. >> very convenient. >> i hate these big gas prices. >> sounds like you could use some big gas savings. >> kmart shop your way members save 30 cents a gallon. >> that's a big gas discount. >> big gas discount. >> you solved a big gas problem. >> totally solved might big gas problem. >> all i know is i want to go out with those people, you know, that ca
Nov 15, 2013 6:00am EST
. you know, he's got a lot of -- >> i don't know if it was warren or -- >> right. berkshire's move. because -- but, you know, i'm sure warren knows what's going on when almost $4 billion. but it's one of those -- it's a very liquid stock and it's a lot of money, but not a lot for a $400 billion company or whatever exxon is at this point. but it's sort of so solid and so blue chip and, you know, they're going to keep finding oil and gas and we're going to keep buying it from them and running things. and it's just like a buffett -- you know, you don't have to be too -- you don't have to think about it too much. how many ice scars can be find? he tries and goes all over the globe. reminds me of ibm. but i don't know, it seems like it's maybe a better move than ibm, more of a no-brainer almost. i like what yellen said, too. just one comment about that. she said we will continue to ensure a robust recovery with our actions. it's like the one you've been able to orchestrate for the past three or four years. now i know that -- >> arguing counterfactual. >> the counterfactual is there, but
Nov 4, 2013 3:00am PST
york post." >> we have another guest. going all in. i don't know. >> okay. >> holy cow. >> all right. stop that. >> it's horrible. in washington we have former white house press secretary and msnbc contributor robert gibbs. >> good morning. >> can i ask you something? can we start -- is there something else in the news other than the affordable care act? >> no. i think this is worth listening to. we need to put this in perspective. yes. we have toronto mayor in this block. if you zip it i'll get that in. can you do that? that's my dangling, i'll show the toronto mayor. >> but i have to sit and listen to more disastrous news. >> it's not that disastrous but not characterized well in the roll out and they are paying for it. because when you have robert gibbs stories of people get moved or upgraded or not able to go to their doctors that's going to get in the news and i'm surprised, i'm so surprised that wasn't considered as something they needed to make sure. 5% -- >> did you see -- >> i did. hell of a story on nick sabin. >> the gitmo story. he's talking about you know we aldo have co
Nov 7, 2013 3:00am EST
revealing the earliest clues of autism ever observed. >> reporter: children with autism don't read emotions or reyes faces. we how can a baby tell you that? watch where their eyes go? that's the key to the study. at emory university, eye tracking software shows what he is looking at. where he x is his focus. >> what the study shows us is there are changes already happening that wouldn't be detectable to the naked eye. >> reporter: they studied a group of 36 children starting at two months old. three years later, they found out which were diagnosed with autism. turns out the children with autism by six months old spend less and less time looking at the eyes. the bigger the change, the more profound the autism was. >> the earlier we diagnose. the earlier we intervene the better the long-term outcome. >> reporter: previous research in boston show used eye tracking to show that babies take emotional cues from faces, from eyes. >> three facial emotions, neutral, happy and fear. >> reporter: we know older children with autism don't make eye contact. now technology has given a way to dete
Nov 13, 2013 5:00pm EST
unemployment has been falling. i'm not going to say deflation. i don't see sign of inflation. but that's what i would watch. >> do you think that is -- >> we -- in the summer, just want to see what the reaction in the market is going to be. i don't think they had any intention of tapering all along and i think that proved to be somewhat correct. so, here is the real reason, if rates stay where they are, how the economy deals with that. at some point they will be tapering. if we get data that does support tapering, that's a sign that the economy is growing and i think they will taper. >> we are hearing more and more about people wanting to short the bond market. weekly treasury survey, when they survey, more and more of their clients are saying -- active clients are saying they are shorting treasuries at this point. the bond market is much more powerful. up 10%. if you look at emerging market, we have given up 10%, we're back to five year lows where the last point took you to a rally in emerging markets. i think this is a place that you nibble and trade. we talk about treasuries and risk assets.
Nov 14, 2013 3:00am EST
and i don't have money to help them. this is my only way in helping them is to volunteer. i feel so sad for them. >> reporter: agency workers say relief operation has been a logistical nightmare because victims are spread out in remote islands. impossible to reach when roads are damaged and covered in debris. >> the best option to reach the victims. three american naval ships are on the way equipped with helicopters capable of air dropping these goods and transferring victims. abc news, philippines. >> tesla motors three workers have been injured at the northern california factory where the cars are made. the workers were burnd by hot metal when a casting press malfunctioned. one was seriously hurt and the others suffered minor injuries. >>> in san francisco, a metro train took off yesterday with dozens of passengers on board but left behind the driver. the train traveled a quarter mile before passenger realized what happened and pulled the emergency brakes. investigators say the driver stepped on the platform to check on a problem with the door and the door closed and the train fwhent
Comedy Central
Nov 26, 2013 7:00pm PST
known fact, folks, little known facts, i also have a prostate. i just don't brag about it. and in my screens i always tell the doctor forget one finger, use the whole hand. that way i won't have to come back for five years. called the five finger discount. and folks, i will not be out sweep swepted by the "today show". (applause) >> thank you. known no one has ever applauded for my prostate before. thank you. so nation, scrub up, scrub in, strap on and strap in because i'm about to get my own prostate check in stephen colbert's november sweeps prostacular. jimmy, juice it! >> november sweep prostacular. >> stephen: nation, welcome to the prostacular. gentlemen, bring out the privacy curtain, let's do it, guys. all right. nation, any newsman can get some old doctor to stick his digital up your analog. but sweeps is all about guest stars. >> did someone say guest stars? (cheers and applause) stars, john lithgow, john, i got to ask you, john, what are you doing here? >> stephen, i'm here to examine your prostate. (laughter) as research for an acting role. >> stephen: oh, what's the play
FOX News
Nov 16, 2013 8:00am PST
. if they don't, he has a big problem. face it. >> he does. emac, specifically one promise that he made, when apparently he had information that contradicted that promise. july 2010, a report was out that 4 to 67% of individual policies would be canceled. i.r.s. report, obamacare report he had three-and-a-half years ago. since when he made promises that denied that report. >> that is right. that report went from also i.r.s., h.h.s., treasury department and labor, so the administration knew it. now they are treating like the rounding error. they are saying we were looking at the 90% of the people who get help. but that's also a fallacy. the prices are going to up, too. people lose doctors by the score. millions of people coming home for holidays see their insurance canceled and losing their doctors. credibility is a fragile commodity for any president and he shot it out the door. what is happening now, people are not listening to him and they don't trust him. >> rich, to emac's point, there are people losing their doctors and losing their insurance. we want to put a face on it. stuart varney,
Nov 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
generation ipad. now, i don't begrudge these companies for making a profit. but before you trade in, it is worth knowing what that profit is. if you'd sell it directly, you'd almost certainly make more money. trade-in programs make it super easy. but it's because they make a loot of money in return. it's up to you to decide how much your time is worth. just know that going with any professional trade-in program amgs has some financial trade off. my people will be celebrating thanksgivica. >> it's just three weeks away for the first time since 1888, hon can and thanksgiving fall on the same day. >> thank giving always falls in november. and hon can, the jewish festival of lights, usually lands in december. but not this year. than thanksgiveica is making national headlines. >> pret te soon, they'll think thanksgiving started when the yams lasted for eight nights. the unique holiday was featured on the coverf kwt the new yorker kwt. the spinning top will be part of macys thanksgiving day parade. you can find everything thanksgiving. >>> meanwhile, chompies deli has been preparing for w
Nov 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
making some money. i don't want to say it's totally lost on people, but i will point out that this is a revolution that's been embraced far more by the businesses using the disruptive technology that you'll hear about, and not you, not individuals who are enjoying the fruits of lower costs. but these are not amazon or priceline, two companies i like very much. although priceline only valued by traditional metrics. you need to know that context here. because by and large the companies you'll be hearing from have eluded many of you, or at least their concepts have and their missions have. their missions seem to befuddled people. when most of us think of tech, what do we? oracle, microsoft, cisco, intel, ibm. we don't think of or workday or viva as being tech. we think of the former being cheap and latter as being ridiculously overvalued. and yes, on traditional metrics that's probably true. but sometimes we forget why we invest in tech in the first place. we do not do it for cheapness. we do not do it for dividends, and we certainly don't do it for buybacks.
Nov 8, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> unfortunately, i don't think too many cab drivers were talking about this. i wish they were. >> right. but it did get frothy and combined with the fed and people talking about that this was all pushed up by an accommodative fed around the world, the market ended up high. the ecb cut rates yesterday, the fed is still moving and the market closed down 150 after twitter priced. people do start saying, wow, there are some toppy things happening here. maybe they take a little bit off. when is the last time we had our 10%er? >> we haven't. and i need to do some more work on this. >> there were two public funds that owned private shares of twitter and they actually went down yesterday. >> that's weird, too. >> weird, too. >> and watching the other ones that were totally overheated, they went down, as well. >>> disney, i don't know, do we really care about a small company that barely does anything any more? no. disney is pretty important. >> yeah. >> disney, old media. an awesome company. very well managed. posting better than expected results after the close. the nebs were held by higher vis
Oct 31, 2013 6:00pm PDT
and briefly, if you don't mind, candy, will it be rather icy when the vice president arrives for his morning coffee when he arrives tomorrow? >> i would think probably the happiest person tonight is hillary clinton not to be sitting in the white house as vice president because they are in deep trouble now, so i think she's probably grateful. i don't think joe biden will be that pleased but the white house is out there and aids out there saying the president didn't know anything about this, although, william daily did say yeah, we did that because we thought it was due diligence but the president has folks out there protecting him saying wait, we didn't come close to this and the president didn't know. >> having said that candy, the president's answers to almost everything at the moment seems to be i knew nothing about it. >> i'm not -- >> that seems to be the issue. >> he needs to let his aids talk for him. >> candy, thanks very much indeed. >> thanks, piers. >>> my next guess, ann caulter. can't think of anybody scarier than ann to join me. >> i know nothing about this book so you'll get my
Nov 9, 2013 9:00am EST
. [laughter] >> i don't think it works for that. >> oh, okay. >> thank you very much for coming. >> yeah. [applause] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> i think regardless where you are on the political spectrum, we are fortunate and grateful we live in the united states of america. it's a very unique place, and if america was considered to be a product, and we do try to sell our product overseas, what's our brand? i think our brand is a constitution, the rule of law, and our value system. under that brand and under that value system, there is that notion of equal under the eyes of the law, and i know that brand and value system is the ada, trying to balance the rights of americans with diabetics. >> this is a treaty. a treaty is a law. the emotional and political arguments in favor of the treaty, no one can disagree with these arguments, but the question is, will the treaty have the legal effect that's being proctored by the proponents of the treaty? we don't hear citations to the articles of the treaty. we don't hear consideration of the reports, the concluding obser
FOX News
Nov 24, 2013 3:00am PST
the agreement. the president if you don't want to be cynical, maybe we ought to be happy and think positively. if you hear the president, he says no deal will go into place in six months if they violate any of these. >> right. we should be totally clear about two things. one, this is not just between iran and the united states, this is an agreement between the united states and iran as well as great britain, germany, france, china, and russia. this is really a global deal. also be clear, it's not just the israelis, it's also the gulf states and saudi arabia. i'll make a third point. anyone that i've ever spoken to in the region is that iran will have one because they have the desire and they have the money to pay for it. >> when i was first listening to the breaking news on fox news channel, six month deal seems like it's reasonable because it's a short period of time. you've got intrusive inspectors going in there. the iranians have agreed to this. this is part of the six-month deal. the thing that's interesting is if after six months they haven't followed the deal, what? >> then there's no
Nov 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
leaders like your next governor, ken cuccinelli. therveths don't come better than chris christie. >> they try to discern things. >> there are very real consequences when you operate ideologically. >> does ted cruz stand out to you? >> put five red necks on a mower. >> i'm being unfairly targeted by a bunch of hacks and haters. if dueling were legal in kentucky it would be a challenge. >> the last five years have not been a great time. >> a jumble of unfocused noise out of touch with the things you care about. ♪ like a song you hear that lingers in your ear ♪ ♪ but you can't forget from sundown ♪ ♪ >> this week marks one year since the 2012 presidential election and if this is the annual checkup, it's largely the president's health care law that's going through a major stress test. and right now, the white house is reaching out for support in the face of continuous oh criticism of the law and its rollout. later this evening, the president will speak about the benefits of health care reform at an organizing for action event. and later this week, he'll travel to texas to t
Nov 20, 2013 11:35pm PST
? >> jimmy: can someone tell roger, i don't need jokes tonight. >> tips. tips. >> yeah. >> jimmy: looking for tips. >> sorry, jimmy. here is a riddle for your question. >> jimmy: okay. are you sure? i will try again. >> of course. >> jimmy: what temperature, for how long should you cook a 12-pound turkey? [ speaking foreign language ] >> okay, jimmy. according to my calculations, you should probably just wing it! >> tips, tips. >> jimmy: funny. again that's a joke. not a cooking tip, necessarily. >> yes, sorry. he is all straightened out and ready to deliver excellent cooking tip thousands. >> jimmy: all right, you said that last time. >> he is ready. >> yes, jimmy, i am ready. ready for you. >> gobble gobble. >> gobble gobble. >> jimmy: gobble gobble. i think most people want to know what is the best way to stuff a turkey, maybe that's -- >> ookay. let me tell you. >> the best way to stuff a turkey is to take it out for pizza and ice cream. >> get out of here! >> jimmy: yeah. >> see he is stuck in mode of telling jokes. >> sorry, jimmy, i think roger is [ bleep ] to the head. >> jimmy: t
Al Jazeera America
Nov 9, 2013 1:00am EST
obama is optimistic. >> we don't have to trust them. what we have to do is make sure that there is a good deal in place from the perspective of us verifying what they're doing, we can test it. >> for more i'm johnny damon by trita parsi, the president of the national iranian american council and here in new york is nathan carlson, served with the george w. bush administration, of the group iran. john kerry's trip to geneva, and are sergesergey lavrov is joinie group. do we have a deal? >> we are 90% chance of a deal. particularly folks who got us into iraq complaining about obama doing something that could be problematic, i feel it difficult to believe to be completely frank with you. it's not about trust as the president said. what you have to do is create a deal in which the mechanism for verification is such that you can trust the verification system, so that you know that if the other side is cheating you can catch them at a very early stage. if this deal in its second phase causes the iranian thes to implement the additional protocol then we have the best and mos
Nov 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
this together. in a baritone voice he would say if you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything. there was so much respect for this man but along with a philip randolph, who organized the brotherhood of sleeping car porters, represented the men working on the railroad. and when you come to washington and walked through the union station there is a bus. you have martin luther king jr. who was the president of the southern christian leadership conference born in atlanta georgia and then there was roy wilkins, the head of the naacp for the advancement of colored people that were born in minnesota, a wonderful man comed then there was whitney young who was born in kentucky, the dean of social work at atlanta university and later became the head of the national urban league. there was another man by the name of james farmer. farmer had attended the little wiley college in texas, why we texas. and he was part of the dating team -- debate team. they deviated harvard and they won. the graduate study at harvard university became very involved with the naacp and was later one of
FOX Business
Nov 1, 2013 9:20am EDT
are dropping out. they don't want anything to do with obamacare. apple, amazon, netflix, facebook, twitter they're all in the news today and we are covering it. "varney & company" is about to begin. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. >> look at that. all right, here is the big story, let me tell you it's another obamacare bombshell. huge implications is the reporting from forbes. not only did the administration know that 10 million people would lose their private plans, it knew that modifications to the law would cause them to lose their employer provided plans and the numbers are staggering. by november of 2014, 66% of sm
Nov 11, 2013 3:00am PST
served on this veterans day. we don't have a lot of time. we have wonderful responses. i'll leave you with simply steven crawford. just say thank you. "morning joe" starts right now. >>> good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 11th. welcome to "morning joe." with us onset we have msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst mark halperin. how is it going? >> good morning. >> double down. >> and national affairs editor msnb chris political analyst john heileman. they're co-authors of "double down." we're going to begin on a somber note. the absolute devastation from a super typhoon in the philippines. overnight the first u.s. relief flight loaded with water and generators arrived in one of the harder hit areas. marines and sailors are also helping with the search and rescue operations. up to 10,000 people are feared dead in one province alone after one of the strongest storms on record. itv's angus walker has more. >> reporter: this amateur video obtained by filipino broadcaster abscbn shows the moment of impact. a wall of water 20 feet high by some accounts crashing into
Nov 23, 2013 5:00am PST
? >> well, i can't imagine why anyone would think that. i don't think vice presidents should come down from anything. only two officers in the land were elected by all the people, the president and the vice president i have never known any majority or senator willing to serve as vice president if his people are willing to elect him. >> nobody thought johnson was the sending most powerful man then. "life" magazine quoted the no. 2 man in washington talking about the president's brother, robert kennedy, perhaps lbj's most bitter rival in all of washington. in all of politics. of course, to call them rivals suggested in the days before fate made him president, lbj was in the same league as bobby kennedy when it came to power, clout, significance. when it came to having a political future. >> that would have been a gross distortion of the concept of a rivalry. months later safely ensconced in the white house, lbj smoke e spoke of the misery he had felt as vice president. >> i did an independent senate, the cabinet had employees under your jurisdiction here. >> all right. >> i don't think that a
Nov 7, 2013 9:00am EST
apps guys. >> they said the same thing when netflix rolled out. >> i don't want to watch nerds developing apps. >> they're doing deep data to analyze every celebrity a person likes. it's a no-brainer. >> jon steinberg, thank you very much. that's it for today. join us tomorrow. now it's time for "squawk on the street." >>> good morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." our special coverage of twitter's initial public offering. i'm carl quintanilla with jim cramer and david faber at the new york stock exchange. twitter finally going public today, pricing 70 million shares, $26 each. that's above the expected range of 23 to 25. company will raise at least $1.8 billion and trade under the ticker twtr. the ipo values twitter at 14, $18 billion that, number still to be determined. we'll talk with twitter ceo dick costolo right after the opening bell, a lot of other special interviews throughout the morning. you've been tweeting. how meta is that about just how overallocated this is? >> i did just about ten minutes ago, speaking to a number of hedge fund managers this morning, who
Nov 8, 2013 12:00pm EST
, i don't think we're going to see taper until at least march. i don't think the people that are betting on a december one, i'll take that bet. >> yeah, maybe not december, but maybe before march. what does today's jobs report really mean for the fed and this rally? we're going to hear from the "wall street journal's" john hillsenrath later on, but first, going to steve liesman with his unique perspective and breaking headlines from atlanta fed president dennis lockhart. >> yeah, dennis lockhart saying the fed should continue to, quote, stand in with accommodative policy. what he means by that, he is quoting a book, that says you should stand in against the curve, said the fed has been throwing curve s to the economy including the unreliable conditions, and these are the first of comments from the fed officials. he is saying the employment report is a good story, important story, and notes the unemployment rate has fallen but said some job measures are less than satisfactory. so those are the news headlines from dennis lockhart that we just got. you can see not much effe
Nov 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
over by a dumb looking blonde. >> host: do you editorialize in your book's? >> guest: no, i don't editorialize. i think every biographer and editorialize is in what you choose to put in. and, you know, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. i really try and be, i try and show all sides. this is why i love biography, because you were telling the history of the time and you're trying to give a nuanced, complex picture which is what most people are. >> host: few women in history you right at that the power to stop the world simply by getting married. for five years the widow of john f. kennedy had been the house object of people's admiration and overwhelming gifts. >> guest: i wrote that in 1978. we're sitting here in 2013, and i would stand by that. >> host: did you like jackie kennedy on nasa's after you are finished? >> guest: yes. i think it to go into these books, if not liking her subject, respecting your subject. and i came out of that book with real respect for this woman. she was strong and she was a great mother. and she -- i didn't realize until years and
Nov 13, 2013 9:00am PST
? is it to throw all -- i don't know how many more hands you can have on deck. maybe people from kayak and but how does the white house deal with this? >> i think more issa hearings would be very useful for the white house. every time these guys seem to be going under water, issa throws them a life raft. it's amazing to me the extent to which he keeps making the same mistake over and over again. i think in general, and my colleague wrote a story this morning which makes this point as well, is to keep the president as far away from this mess as possible. we see them throwing a new person under the bus every day. henry chow, marilyn tavenner. i think the key is to sort of create this, i think, an illusion of collective irresponsibility as opposed to having a buck stops here moment. >> that's interesting. you think they would just keep president obama isolated, have other people take the fall as it were, even if no one gets fired. but this is part of actual strategy. >> yeah, and also -- and i think "the washington post" reported just to change the benchmarks constantly. we're going to k
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